From Mexico to Belize: Caye Caulker

When I took off from Tulum it was monday midday. Destination: Chetumal in the south of Mexico from where I would take a ferry to Caye Caulker in Belize. Chetumal itself is more of a “Hmmmm and go” place (cit: LonelyPlanet) but they have great ferry connections to Belize. I took one of the speedboats that go from Chetumal through San Pedro, crosse the boarder there. Then I went with an even smaller and open speedboat to Caye Caulker, the paradise that I’m staying at at the moment.

Belize has a completely different vibe then the rest of Central America. Here, everybody speaks either Creole or a really jamaican english. Everything goes extremely slow and relaxed, it’s nature pure and great people all the time. And Reggae, and money with the Queen on it.

Caye Caulker itself is a tiny island laying right in the caribbean sea, about 8km long and is exactly what comes to your mind if you think of a caribbean Island. There is nothing but stunning sea and beach all the way – and a small town of little more then 5-6 big streets. No cars, only golf carts which serve as police cars, taxis and transportation. Here you can literally never be more then 800m away from the water because the entire island measures only 1,5 km east to west). The place I’m staying at is called Bella’s. The hostel is great, we are around 25 people, all around my age and everyone extremely cool. Great vibe, really slow-going and extremely hippy. I’m constantly hanging out with people who have been traveling around 10 months, some even years, and am running from one interesting conversation to the next one.

The first day me and some people I had learned to know at Bella’s went to snorkel at the split where the 96′ Hurricane has cut the island in half. Apart from the omnipresent coloured fish and coral we saw some 5 eagle rays and stingrays, some sunken fisherboats and swam with a small shark. For the evening I went to the Lazy Lizzard, the locals’ waterhole at the split where we watched the sun go down in the ocean. I really cannot put this experience here in to words, no matter how I say it just doesn’t sound as great as it is. Imagine a Robinson Crusoe Island – her you have it!

Today we went snorkeling on an all-day tour around the reef, which by the way is the second biggest one in the entire world. 100 Belize Dollars, more or less 30 Euros but compelety worth every cent!!! I went out there with a some 6 other people – all of them compañeros from the hostel – to spent all day cruising on a small boat from one diving spot to the other. In the crystal clear, bathtub-warm and sky(pe)-blue sea we saw hundreds of shiny fish, stingrays, barracuda and a couple of dozen nurse-shakrs with which we then swam. Nurse sharks are not any kind of dangerous shark, obviously. Actually the middle-sized brownish nurse shark seemed less dangerous to me then those big silver and yellow piranha-like fish that were constantly surrounding us. See photos. An awesome experience!

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving this wonderful place and will get on my way to Tikal, the mother of all Maya Ruins. From there I’m gonna head south to make my way through Guatemala to El Salvador where I plan to meet some friends. That’s the rough plan for the next week or two.

So long, enjoy the photos and these two videos:


Looking forward to your comments!

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