Backpacking through Cuba. Day 14: Topes de Collantes.

Day 14. 2/11. Topes de Collantes.

We got up early in the morning and quickly moved to the tourist information where we had a simple breakfast (fruit and bread) and decided which of the countless beauties of Topes de Collantes we should see. Lakes, mountains, horse riding, waterfalls, flora and fauna tours the choice in Topes de Collantes is huge. In the end we decided to see the nearby Vegas Grande, being the biggest waterfall of them all. With our 20kg rucksacks on our back we set off in direction south, not knowing what kind of floor condition was awaiting our still-dry feet. After passing through a small village we started to charge through think jungle-like vegetation and mud. Lots of mud, the night before it had rained. Lacking any kind of directions we soon got lost and saw ourselves forced to cross a river by foot and charge through even thicker forest. When we finally arrived at Vegas Grande we had walked around 3 hours, through slippery steep slopes. But Vegas Grande showed its best side and completely made our exhausting excursion worth the pain. Even stop-and-go rain showers could not stop us from running from this place. We spent some 2 hours, sitting at the feet of the waterfalls, listening to birds, eating, drinking rum and chatting about everything under the sun.

When we finally arrived at the village again it was around 5 o’clock and the stop-and-go rainfalls had converted into more of a constant drizzling rain which had soaked us from tip to toe. All day of walking through mud and puddles had left their marks and I could feel my feet painfully wrinkling more and more. But not only that, also there seemed to be no bus going back to Trinidad to let us search the shelter of a warm casa particular. It was until 6 in the evening that we stood in the rain, waiting for a bus that would  then finally take the teachers from a nearby school (and us!) back to town.

Back in Trinidad we were lucky and quickly found a cheap casa particular for 12 CUC where we could then finally take our long-awaited hot shower and take off our soaked clothes.


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