Backpacking through Cuba – some short news

Hi everybody!

Today I’m writing from a tiny Internetcafé in Holguin. I’m counting Day 6 of my roundtrip through Cuba and things cound simply not go better! First and foremost: I’m healthy and have never been better in my entire life I believe. I’ve seen things and beaties of nature most people could only dream of. This is entire trip is like a dream come true. Secondly: I’ve been extremely lucky with my travelling companion. Maricel is not only clever and funny but also just a great person to be around and to travel with. She is always entertaining and in a good mood and has what one would call . She knows what prices to pay and what not, where to find cheap and good food, simply how things work here. We’re getting along fantastic and I am darn happy not to travel alone but to have her around. Now, I have very little time (8 mins left) and will therefore only quickly resume what we’ve done so far. Details will come later, from Havanna as soon as I’m back.

Day 1: From Havanna to Guantanamo in Astro.The entire trip 980km cost me around 7 Euros plus 20 Euros to get around the day-long queue for the tickets. After 14 hours of a freezing cold bus ride we arrived in Guantaname and quickly moved on to Baracoa. In Guantanamo there is little to see, Baracoa on the other hand is a stunningly beautiful little city.
Day2: Camped in baracoa and relaxedthe first day.
Day3> Rented bikes and climbed mount , incredible beauty of nature.
Day4: From Baracoa to Moa in 4 hours in a Jeep. From Moa to Holguin in another 4 hours. Slept in Holguin.
Day5: From Holguin to Guardalavaca, the supposedly most beautiful beach in all of Cuba. I’ve never seen a beach this beautiful and will probably never again see such beauty of nature. If there were a place I could choose to die, that would be it. Simply stunning, prepare for some serious envy when I:ll finally be able to upload the pictures
Day 6: Snorkeling and chilling at Guardalavaca.
Day 7: From Guardalavaca back to Hoguin where we are today.
Tomorrow were going to Cienfuegos, this trip is nuts!
Hear from you soon!


2 thoughts on “Backpacking through Cuba – some short news

  1. Ich bin allein schon neidisch, dass du in Cuba bist, aber das — ! Ich bin sehr froh, dass es dir gut geht! Ich denke fest an dich!

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