Taking of for my roundtrip around Cuba

After one month in La Habana I will now take off for a round trip around Cuba. I’ve planned some 2 weeks for the trip and am currently hoping for good weather. Throughout the last couple of days we have had heavy, tropical rainstorms that could easily ruin my trip around the Island. That’s what I hope it’ll look like, let’s see how many of my numerous plans I can make become reality.

I’ll be traveling with Maricel, a cuban girl of 27 years who is a teacher in a private school here in La Habana. I learnt to know here through Lazaro, my tutor here in my Centro de investigación. She’s a fun, sportive, alternative person and surly great to travel with. We’ll be traveling relatively “heavy” because of the current bad weather fron (lots of rain, not cold though) and am looking forward to trying out my equipment. We’re planning to travel extremely low-budget and to sleep in my 2-people tent whenever possible. There appears to be some camping sites and no restrictions to put up a tent on the beaches so let’s see how this works out.
First stop for a couple of days will be Guantanamo and the extreme west of Cuba. There are two amazing natural parks I would love to see. Then Santiago de Cuba, second biggest city of Cuba and Caoba with it’s beautiful national park “Granma”. then to Holguin and it’s stunning beaches in the north and the Cayos close to Santa Lucia (flamingos!). After that I have a rendez-vous with Legna’s, (my flatmate’s) parents in the beautiful, colonial city of Camagüey. Next stop: Cayo Coco. Then Trinidad and the part of the journey I’m most looking forward to: Valle de Vinales between Stanta Clara and Cienfuegos. Everybody tells me this is one of the most beautiful places in Cuba – a national park with lakes, waterfalls and lots of untouched nature. From there back to Habana.
Preferred travelling medium will be the GuaGuas and trains but there is also the possibility to hitchhike and to go by Viazul, a rather expensive but quick and safe traveling company that runs all over the country.Hoping to get better internet connection in the provinces, maybe I can then finally upload some pictures for you folks! Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Taking of for my roundtrip around Cuba

  1. Servus lieber Benno,
    das ist ja hochspannend, was Du da schreibst. Hoffentlich bist Du vorsichtig genug auf Deiner Reise, damit der Spass nicht verloren geht. Sei auf der Hut vor Schlangen, Skorpionen, Geldwechslern, Geheimpolizisten, schlechten Frauen und abzockenden Männern. Freu Dich über das sicherlich stets warme Wetter, ärgere Dich nicht über Stürme und Feuchtigkeit!
    Ich bin gespannt auf Deine Fotos.
    Dein Onkel Winfried und Gertrud aus dem kalten Berlin

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