Allright, here comes. The first blog entry to my brand new blog, Bennos Wanderlust, sucessor to Benno en Valencia.
Hold on, what’s that, wanderlust?
Wikipedia puts it this way: “Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.”

Good name for my new blog, I guess. After all it’s this itching crave for travel that has given me no rest, ever since I started travelling some six years from now. Ah, and the best is: it’s even a german loanword! Just like Blitzkrieg, Fernweh, Kindergarten or Weltschmerz it’s one of the very few german loanwords that the English language ever took over from the German language and not the other way around. Success!

Well, now that I’m looking at a two month trip to Cuba, a couple of months of backpacking through the caribbean and Middle America and – above all – no concrete plans to return to Europe anytime very soon I feel as alive and exited as I haven’t felt in a long time. Maybe as never.
Must be my wanderlust, my vorfreude. Which by the way is another very nice german word that describes exited anticipation and should be considered as a loanword!

With no further ado and no further linguistic excursions I simply wanted to animate you all to keep in contact. Feel free to comment on my entries and to subscribe to my blog via RSS. Simply click “Subscribe” (right unter search) and you will be advised whenever I post something new here. This way you won’t have to check back every couple of days.

So long,

PS: As you guys can see I managed to import all the entries from my old Blog so there is nothing missing out.


4 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. Grande Benno!!! 🙂 (Stima assoluta, e un grosso in bocca al lupo per questa incredibile esperienza!!!)

    U have to create your Twitter too!! (For your Fans!!! 😀 )

    Hasta Pronto Tio!!!


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