Weekend in Bacelona

This last weekend I went to Barcelona once more to visit Lorenzo, a dear friend of mine from Trieste. Lorenzo, always having been a real party guy, now lives in one of the most beautiful quarters of Barcelona, the Born, and represents pretty much the typical Erasmus Student: knows every party, girl, concert and place to be …
The motive for my visit was not only him, though. I’m not sure if you guys have heard about the HUGE demonstrations all over Spain that were going on during the last few weeks.Not only here in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona – all over Spain youngsters went on the streets and expressed their anger about the curent government (and, in fact, both of the popular parties), its horrible state of corruption and the high unemployment rate here in Spain.
In Barcelona though things really escalated: In Plaza de Cataluña, where hundreds of peaceful protesters had built up a camping, police interfiered on saturday, trying to clear the square of all protesters. Being the match day of the Champion’s League final game, of course, there were way more people then usually exptected and what originally might have been thought as a simple police mission became a horrible scene of violence and brutality:
In the Evening we went to see the Game Manchester-Barcelona and what more can I say then: WHAT A GAME. See for yourself – we were right in the front, at 5 meters distance from the big, big screen. Incredible!


Looking forward to your comments!

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