Semana Santa

Disillusion: Now that Easter Holidays have begun weather has really turned its back on us here in Spain. All over the peninsula it’s raining and for the first time since I live here we have colder temperatures then you guys in Germany, France, England, and northern Italy. I guess it’s Murphey’s Law…
Even worse though then all this coldness and wetness is that my travelling plans for easter went down the drain with all the rain. I had planned to travel to Granada with a bunch of friends of mine during the next couple of days buuuut: now that the weather is so bad and we have so many things to do for uni this has been cancelled. What a shame, I had been looking forward to this trip so much!!

But, as thing go, everything got turned around again: Literally just a few minutes ago I got invited to a friend’s house in the countryside, not far from Valencia. Yipee! Her name is Neus, she is a truly delightful person and invited me to her home for the next couple of days. There are plans for mountain hiking, paella-cooking in the countryside and and and! I am really happy to get out of Valencia and see some nature. I’ll keep you folks updated!

Happy Easter to everyone


Looking forward to your comments!

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