Hi Everybody!

I hope you guys liked my pictures from the Fallas. For those of you who haven’t read my blog in some time: Scroll down, there are lots (looots!) of photos I took during this crazy period in Valencia.

Well, what’s new? A lot!

At the moment I’m writing this text a the moment, sitting in a Bus, returning from a 3-day stay in Barcelona. Just about a week ago I decided to visit Lorenzo, a very close Italian friend of mine, who happens to live in this amazing city as an Erasmus student.

Lorenzo is, as I’ve mentioned a very close friend of mine from Italy, Trieste to be exact. I’ve learned to know Lorenzo only during the last months of my stay in Trieste but it kind of was blood-thick friendship at first sight. He, being one of the most party people I’ve ever learned to know, and myself, not being exactly a couch-potato either, quickly had formed a great team: back in the time we went for a lot of road trips, concerts and parties in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy and I believe both of us always had a great time. Now Lorenzo lives in Barcelona since roughly the same time as I live in Valencia and really won the jackpot. People: Valencia is great but Barcelona is just plainly stunning!

Anyways, never really having been to Barcelona before (apart from a two hour stay when I arrived in Spain 5 months ago) I was really exited to finally visit this word-famous city. And gee, I’ve not been disappointed! Not only is Barcelona stunningly beautiful but also just SO cosmopolitan, lively, and full of hip young people– it’s pretty much the PERFECT city to live in – apart from it’s huge problems with petty crimes but I’ll get to that later…
I arrived Friday afternoon, quickly dropped off my bags at Lorenzos pent-house apartment in the quarter of Born and went for a stroll around the city to get a first rough impression of what I’m up for.

For those who have never been to Barcelona: Imagine Rio de Janiero and Miami had a child in Spain. This is what it’s like!! Being right at the seaside Barcelona has a huge sandy beach where muscle-packled guys and the hottest girls from all over Europe gather to give you a show as you would only see in Miami Beach. Skateboarders and Rollerbladers everywhere, loud pumping electronic music from stylish Beach Bars, expensive yachts, Sand, Sixpacks, Tits and Mojitos everywhere…

The actual city centre is gothic and really impressive as well. The first night, around 3am we ended up there and I was so lucky to have my Camera with me:

I was very lucky indeed to get the chance to take pictures of these deserted gothic streets because usually “el Gotic” is one of the most crowded quarters of all of Valencia. If you ever come here – it’s really worth staying up late to get this impression! Make also sure to go to a Botellon which is basically nothing else then many (in some cases in Valencia up to 1000 but usually around 100) people gathering in  a central squares to sing, chat, smoke and drink. You always get many Pakistanis and Indians there who sell cans of beer at one Euro each: A fun and cheap way to pass a night and to learn to know a city!

Around 7am, when first people were getting up and the Botellon was coming to an end, we went to the seaside to see the sunrise and there it happened: I got robbed for the first time in my Life!
Basically all day Lorenzo had already been stressing out about how dangerous and criminal Barcelona is and how attend I shall always be. I didn’t believe a word and thought that he was just paranoid. But, walking along the strip, suddenly two arab guys came up to me and wanted to sell me Hash. I refused politely and went on walking, already noticing that both of them were unusually interested in my camera. One of the assholes came up to me, gave me a high five and did what I should already have seen coming: the Ronaldinho Dance. Faster as Lorenzo (who had come to help me) could push him away I could have protected my property or stepped back, I struggled to recuperate my equilibrium and that must have been the moment the guy reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet. Having been shown this method from friends before I did luckily see how the wind blows and ran after him, screaming, shouting and swearing. At this point his companion reached into his pocket, pretending to have a knife in there. I continued to scream and shout for police, the two guys started running. I quickly handed my camera to Lorenzo to avoid eventual damage to my baby if I got into a fight and ran after them. At a certain point, after about 100m and roughly 40 insults to his family, mother and sister the tall guy who had robbed me certainly turned around, my wallet in his hand, took out all money with a grin (about 80€) and handed me the wallet. No idea why he did this, I actually thought he would stab me and actually the loss of only 80 Euros and the fact that I had gotten back all of my documents was not worth a fight anymore. But man I got angry!
That was some pair of balls on the guy to laugh in my face and hand me back my wallet!!
Long story relatively short: I protested loudly and kept following them at a distance of roughly 10m. Shortly afterwards the smaller and younger of the two, pulled a glass bottle out of a garbage bin with the intention to break it and use it as a weapon – this was the point when I then decided to let it be and just walked away…
In the end I guess I was really lucky to get back my documents and to realize immediately what was going on…  They could also have robbed my camera, stabbed or beaten me up. God knows…

Second day in Barcelona consisted of the classic touristic tour: Sacrada Famiglia, Passeig de Gracia, Plaza de España and so on.


Looking forward to your comments!

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