Many news from Valencia, from now on in English

Hey everybody!
As promised to a close italian friend of mine (ciao Lara!), I’m going to continue this blog in English. I guess it makes little difference to all of you german speaking folks out there.
So, there we go, here comes a short newscast of what’s been going down during the last couple of weeks:

1: Party
Well, as I’ve been saying in my last couple of entries here: As the last months have been full of hard work I have not really had the chance to discover Valencia and it’s beauties (both female and touristic) so far. But now everything has changed! Just having finished my first quadrimester at Uni I find myself with loads of free time on my hands. I’m trying my best to recuperate everything and am partying like a madman. This week has been pretty heavy so far…

2: University, sport and language courses:
At university there is not much going on at the moment: I only have very few lessons at the moment because the second part of our theoretical education at university consists of complementary modules and the ones being treated at the moment are not the ones I have elected.
Having just begun the second quadrimester here at university, I have made use of the possibility to sign up for a lot of courses that started just now. This way I find myself doing a swimming course, karate and finally also a language course – I ended up in B2 which is already a pretty consistent level.

3: Photography:
One thing that is keeping my pretty busy and happy at the moment is Photography. In the last two weeks I have spent many, many hours walking around Valencia, looking for good shots and trying out my new camera, a Canon EOS 450D. I’ve bought the baby second-hand online and am darn happy with the bargain. It takes pictures up to pretty high ISOs and gives complete control of aperture, exposure etc. A completely new world of photography which seems to bare an infinity of creative possibilities! And, of course, Valencia is a charm for taking pictures. Literally in every street corner I could buzz up my memory card… Here are some pictures taken by me so far:
Cuidad de las Artes y Ciencias
Valencia Street Art

4: Job(s):
As things go and nothing has been confirmed to 100% so far I don’ want to scream the news out into the world yet but: I have learned to know someone who put in a good for me in two companies and after having received my curriculum both of them seem to pretty interested in my services 🙂
One job would consist in being a coach for electronic devices (mobile phones and tablet PCs) and would be perfectly compatible with my studies at university. High flexibility and swiss paychecks – Yum yum!
The other one is a company specialized on event management and is about to move to Barcelona. That could be something for after my studies, who knows?? I’ll let you guys know as soon get more precise!

So long, stay in contact, as you know you can find me in facebook where you find more regular updates and looooaaads of pictures:


2 thoughts on “Many news from Valencia, from now on in English

  1. …and I really hope you'll get not only the words but also some "paychecks" for real, fingers crossed :-)and the photography marathon through the city is open whenever you want :-)good "recuperation" 😀

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